Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wake Up Call

For some insane reason, I have 3 cats. I am allergic to these cats, but hey, you can get used to anything, right? Most of the time, the cats and I live in harmony. I spend a good part of my day feeding them, letting them into the house, letting them out of the house, letting them into... Well you get the picture.

They pay me back for my love and dedication with little things. Like hanging from the curtains, tearing up the carpet, shitting in Nicole's hat, making a gigantic hole in my love seat. But sometimes they are warm and affectionate.

Cleo and Charlie like to sleep on my bed. I don't like them to do this, but Rob has let them do this so often it is now what they expect to do. Our bed is barely big enough for the 2 of us much less 2 cats that like to lay in the exact spot you want to keep your feet.

I've tried tossing them out but they scratch and meow and tear up the carpet until I think my head will explode trying to ignore them until they go away. Sometimes I throw them outside into the night but it's cold and I'm not completely heartless.

Something happened at 4am this morning. Maybe Rob or I moved and disturbed one of them or maybe Charlie was being the alpha cat again but there was a cat fight on our bed. Complete with growls, hisses, scratching and biting. Rob and I woke up terrified sure that blood would be shed (namely ours). We both flip on the lights and by now the cats are looking at us like "what?" This was much worse than when the cats would fight in the box spring.

I tossed their furry little asses outside and settled back to bed. 10 minutes later, Fig starts scratching at the door, then meowing, then tearing the carpet. He ended up sleeping on my chest.


  1. Can't live with them, cant live without them! I remember getting woken up by someone scratching...but why is there a tape measure on Rob's nightstand?!

  2. You've cured me of the Cat Fever. Bless you.

  3. This is so darn funny! I love reading your posts!