Monday, January 12, 2009


I don't hold much faith in the cosmos (unless we are talking the drink or the magazine), but occasionally I will read the one in my local paper just out of curiosity. Yeah yeah, true believers don't go by the newspaper crap either but this is my story!

I'm a Capricorn and today's horoscope said: Don't let anyone who is ill experienced control your resources no matter how much the person means to you.
Now I control the money in our family and I trust myself completely so this must be referring to my family jewels. Now the only one allowed access to those is my hubby, so I cruise on over to his horoscope and this is what it says:

Scorpio: It might be just wishful thinking to believe a new tactic is more innovative. Give it a test run before discarding anything you've been using that works. So here is my worry. Is he going to try spicing things up with something new that is going to make me run screaming from the bedroom, shouting, "take that leather mask off, you freak" (he knows I'm the only one who gets to wear that!) or will I say, "move your head honey, I can't see the TV"?

More than likely this is not about something so fun but mine would be about my son who wishes he was in charge of my resources, my cash resources. He checks the pockets of all the coats in house (even when we have guests) and the sofa cushions, the washer, the dryer and inside my car for spare change. And I'm guessing Rob's is really about some new biking technique that will bring him ever closer to the Tour de France.

Maybe I should try tea leaf readings...


  1. LOL!!!! Well, regarding your son picking for change- I say go for it, tough economic times calls for desperate measures!
    And my word verification is "twamin" which could be another word for fart.

  2. Hey! I gave you the tea leaf reading cup!! I thought you used it EVERY day!!!

    I cannot wait to leave my coat around at your house when Aaron is home. Have to leave something interesting in it...