Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My 100th Post

So this is my 100 blog post. So here are 100 very random things about me.

  1. My first words were moo and cow
  2. My shoe size is 11
  3. I studied 3 foreign languages and remember none of them
  4. I am tone deaf
  5. I taught myself to sew at 13
  6. I had a reading problem until 3rd grade
  7. I have been married twice
  8. I don't like coconut
  9. The taste of Dr Pepper makes me gag
  10. I usually sneeze more than 3 times before stopping
  11. I can't snap my fingers
  12. I can wiggle my eyebrows one at a time
  13. I don't actually have any eyebrows
  14. I pencil in eyebrows on my face
  15. I have 3 cats at this time
  16. As a small child I used to fill my pockets with worms to freak my mother out
  17. I was once stung by a hornet on my crotch
  18. My little fingers are really short
  19. My big toes are REALLY big
  20. I have yellow green eyes
  21. My hair is curly on the left side only
  22. I hit a tree inner tubing while pregnant
  23. I have 3 kids
  24. A neighbor's cat once gave birth in my lap
  25. Our dog gave birth to 3 puppies in my bed while I slept
  26. I broke my foot by stepping wrong on one stair
  27. I stood in the rain with a broken foot to see President Carter's plane land at Boeing Field
  28. I saw Elton John in concert in 1975
  29. I have never gambled in a casino
  30. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 20
  31. I use to own my own bowling bag and bowling shoes
  32. I never got to be an angel in the nativity at church as a child even tho I asked to be one every year
  33. I didn't learn to swim until I was 13
  34. I get anxiety attacks when I think about boating
  35. I once rode in a police car going 95 miles an hour
  36. I have never been arrested
  37. I have been bonded for $1.5 million
  38. I found my first gray hair the day I found out I was pregnant with my oldest
  39. I have 2 stamps in my passport, both are from Amsterdam
  40. I used to attend professional wrestling events
  41. I went to the final game of the 1977 World Series game in NY
  42. I love pirates
  43. I went to the World Fair in 1962
  44. By the time I was 6, all my grand parents had passed away
  45. I was a school paste eater
  46. I failed at learning to play the guitar (tone deaf issue)
  47. I once knitted 30 hats in 30 days
  48. I am a Girl Scout Leader to 2 troops
  49. I slipped on a banana slug, fell on it and slid down a hill. The slime never came out of my jeans
  50. A hamster bit my finger and it's teeth went thru my skin and back out
  51. I've had nerve damage on my finger
  52. I hitch hiked only once when I was 15
  53. I desecrated the altar at a local catholic church
  54. Riding Amtrak from Baltimore to NYC, I had to sit on my suitcase in the aisle the whole way
  55. I got stuck in an old fashioned elevator with a gate and had to climb up and out while very inebriated
  56. I like to put grated cheddar cheese on my popcorn
  57. I held a snake while it got an injection
  58. I think nuts ruin chocolate
  59. I have voted in 9 presidential elections
  60. 2008 was the first year my candidate won
  61. I moved 21 times in 12 years during my first marriage
  62. I moved once since marrying Rob
  63. I was born in Seattle
  64. I moved twice to New Jersey
  65. I have driven across the US, coast to coast 7 times
  66. I lived in Portland Oregon in 1987
  67. I went to Ballard High School Class of '76
  68. I attended my 10th, 20th and 30th HS reunions
  69. My current favorite movie is Hairspray
  70. My mp3 player has 232 songs on it
  71. About 40 of these are songs I allowed my husband to add
  72. I was married the first time 12 years
  73. I was happy only about 6 of those years
  74. I drive a Toyota Sienna Minivan
  75. My favorite color is currently green, it used to be red
  76. I do the crossword and sudoku in the newspaper everyday
  77. I like trying new ethnic restaurants
  78. I do not like going to trendy chain restaurants except Red Robin
  79. My favorite drink is Gin and Tonic
  80. I like camping in a tent
  81. I own 15 marshmallow toasting forks
  82. My backyard lawn is mostly moss
  83. I like it when my cats kill mice and rats
  84. I like visiting the ocean in winter
  85. I read everyday, I usually have 2 books I am reading at any one time
  86. My sewing machine cost more than both my son's and daughter's first cars together cost
  87. I love shows about home improvement
  88. I have no interior decorating sense whatsoever
  89. I am a "crafty" person, papercrafts, needlework, beading, polymer clay, I like to try new things
  90. My sister almost drowned me when I was 4
  91. My father died on my 20th birthday, I was just 4 hours engaged
  92. I can't roller or ice skate
  93. I am scared of climbing more than 2 steps on a step ladder
  94. I only enjoy the audition episodes on American Idol
  95. I used to own Sony Betamax and could never rent movies until I got a VHS tape player
  96. I suck at video games
  97. I have flat feet
  98. I have visited the Corn Palace in Mitchel, SD
  99. I liked to dress like a Nun and take my daughter out Trick or Treating while drinking hot buttered rums
  100. I count my blessings everyday and am amazed how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life

If you got to the end without dozing off, good for you! It took me 2 days to write this. Thank god this blogging milestone is over. I'll try not to bore you again and not do something that I thought was expected from a blogger.


  1. I'm amazed at how many of these involve your giant freak feet. Now I know what I've been smelling all this time!

    Congrats on your 100th post.

  2. Considering how short I am, if my feet were hairy, I'd look like a hobbit.

    My feet smell like roses not toeses. (er, trying to rhyme here!)