Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Like It Hot, Others Incendiary

Rob and I went shopping today to buy ingredients for his culinary endeavour today of Chili. As far as I know he has never made chili before. He must have been surfing around and found Alton Brown's chili recipe. So after taking inventory to see what we had and had not, we headed out this morning. But first we went to IKEA as it was free breakfast day and we are all for free. Of course we run into half the police force there getting free breakfast as they always know where free or cheap food is.

So off we go and look for the stuff we need. Rob starts yanking dried chili's off the shelf like it's no tomorrow and laments because we can find one of the recommended peppers from the list. Lamb was too spendy so we got beef and pork only. At home I cut up the meat while he prepares the spices. Rob enjoys anything that has hot peppers in it. Into the crockpot and Rob heads off for a nap as he was out counting homeless people all night.

So now I'm in charge of stirring this every so often. When I take the lid off and the steam hits me, I start to feel like my skin is peeling off. I think it's going to be a little hot.


  1. I wish I had a wife who made chili with/for me... I haven't had a chili dog in ages...


  2. I just wish I had a husband that cooked-anything!