Friday, April 30, 2010


Have you priced mirrors lately? C'mon, it's just a piece of glass with silver paint, right? I'd like to put a nice one over my mantel but I'm reeling over the cost of those I like.

So I've been thinking about mirrors. I like the dining room mirror since it is an antique but no one hardly looks in it. I use the bathroom mirrors to put on what little makeup I wear and brushing whats left of my hair. I try to use the bathroom mirrors to see to pluck those damn hairs that appear on my chin, which I check for constantly but don't seem to find until I'm somewhere in public and am sure everyone notices it. The bathroom mirrors in my house are not good for finding these chin hairs. The light is not good in any of the bathrooms. But if it is a sunny day, the car's vanity mirror in the visor is great for finding and plucking those hairs.

My teenage daughter is appalled that I go into the car in the driveway and groom my chin.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I lost my funny

About 9 months ago I was going thru a major anxiety issue and my doctor put me on Prozac. I'm not complaining, it did wonders for calming me down and stopped me from feeling like everyone was trying to put a knife in my back. But I do think it evened out my personality a bit too much. I can't seem to see the hilarity in life like I use to. I'm considering getting off the Prozac and will be discussing this with my doctor in a few weeks. I want my funny back.

I still find a lot of humor in everyday living but when I try to write about it, it seems too forced or more like a list of complaints (wait, isn't what this is? Shit, am I going to have to delete this too? AAARRGGH!)

It could be that I've lost my funny along with my fat. Perhaps I was one of those fat jolly people and as I've lost weight, I'm no longer jolly? Well, I should be damn funny still since I've got loads more fat to drop!