Thursday, January 1, 2009


What is the big deal with Facebook? Lots of people told me I needed to be on Facebook. So I signed up. Somehow it went thru my address book and offered me the opportunity to be "friends" with anyone who I have in my contacts. Oh joy! I did send a request to be friends to a few people. I also got a random request from some loser that I did not know.

Now that I'm there, I don't see the point. So far, people have thrown snow balls at me (WTF?), poked me (more WTF) and it asks me what I'd doing right now and thinks I need to post it...Chris is being a mouse potato, duh! or some such nonsense.

I did put my blog address on my profile. Now, according to Google Analytics, people are coming to my blog and lurking around. No one new has commented and I got weirded out by not knowing who is watching me. I went back to Facebook and checked more into Privacy settings and now feel more secure that only friends can see my information. It's hard being a virgin.

I'm not sure I'll keep my Facebook page. It's kind of pointless as I'm not trying to network for a new job or find new friends. I much prefer lurking around blogs and peeking in at strangers lives without really knowing much reality about them. It's like dating, you can pretend to be anything you want, you just don't want anyone to move in and find out about the real you.


  1. I use facebook to keep tabs on people from my past. That's about it. If I didn't want to see who I could find from high school, and how fat she may or may not have gotten in the years since, I wouldn't have a need for it either. I HATE the applications you speak of. I don't participate in those.

  2. First it was chat rooms (oops, just dated myself) then the big hoopla was MySpace, now FaceBook.
    Egads, I have realized that I am much to old the keep up with the "Jones"/"netfaces" to sign up for all the sites. I can barely manage to blog on a regular basis and do my kitchen floors. Adding another site to check, in additon to the 5 emails I do is well...a lot!

  3. I decline just about every notification I get- I hate them. Yet, I'm addicted to Facebook. Damn internet!

  4. I didn't see the point when my friend Anthony told me to join several years ago. After 6 months, he complained that I only had two friends (him and his boyfriend.) I told him I wasn't interested. Fast forward to today, and I am setting Facebook as my homepage. I can see daily comments from people I am related to, went to HS with, to College with, and I don't even have to comment. Yes, I have gotten into a few snowball fights and been kidnapped, but you don't have to participate if you don't want to. You just ignore it. I am having a great time frequently trading comments here and there with so many people that I actually liked.