Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School!

Last night it started snowing and it was really coming down. I drove a couple of miles away to pick up my daughter and realized how slick it was. There were several cars stuck or in the ditch. I was a bit shaken by the time I got to our friends' house and was nervous about the drive home. But what really had me on edge was how this was going to affect getting those kids back to school the next morning.

I get home and check my emails for news from Mayor Pete who likes to keep us all up to date on how the weather is affecting our fair city. I also checked to see if the school district had made any decisions on starting late or closing. The news was like - oh, it will be gone by morning.

It wasn't gone by morning but it wasn't bad. When Rob got up, I turned on the news and found out schools were just one hour late! Yeah they are going back! Rob rode his bike down the hill to the train so I got to sleep in (HEY! I would have happily taken him to the train, as I hate having to scrape his prone body off the pavement but he loves those bikes!)

So the kids are at school, hubby is safe at work. It's me and the cats, a cup of coffee and the house a mess with still some Christmas stuff to put away and the general disorder that having Nicole home for over 2 weeks causes (and me not keeping on top of it as I'm having fun with the her). Nicole leaves a trail where ever she goes. Aaron is neat and is hardly home.

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  1. I'm so glad everyone made it to their respective place of business this morning, safe and sound. Although I would love to see a photo of prone husband if the chance ever arises.