Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shopping for Unmentionables

I went bra shopping with my 13 year old daughter tonight. She is still at that age that it's kind of embarrassing to shop for these. She is a bit self conscious about rifling through the racks and just wants me to hand her a bunch over the fitting room door to try on. So I pick out some really bright colored ones, some stripes, polka dots, flowers and a basic black. I'm no longer allowed in the room nor do I get to see how they look or fit. She gets a couple of colorful bras and the basic black convertible bra. "Oh goody", she says, "I get a black convertible"


  1. And she's not even old enough to drive!

  2. That looks like a nice bra, it appears to support the breasts, it's uniform, monochromatic, clean.

    I don't say that as a perverted, heterosexual boy. I say that as the bisexual who watches America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. Oh, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for the designs, not the near-naked girls. It's a compliment on her fashion sense, really!