Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dedicated to one of my favorite Cats

Cat over at Zipbag of Bones is using her blog as her creative outlet for the most suspenseful bit of writing I've seen in a while. She is very modest about her writing skills but she is creeping me out. Now I'm not sure why a few posts back she wanted a kitten. Perhaps she has some sick plans for it? What do her and Gray get up to?

She is very amusing and I love her sense of humor. So stop on over to visit her and don't forget to read the second installment of her Creative Writing.

If I wasn't such a lame blogger, I'd figure out a cool award to give her. I have to figure that code out sometime.

1 comment:

  1. You are SO not lame! I want to do my own award. I will let you know what I figure out since I am a "techno gagsta", as my hubby calls me! LOL I am the master of "work arounds", ie I don't know how the hell to fix the computer but but sure can figure out how to make something work!