Friday, January 2, 2009

December Keyword Searches

Here are some of my favorite keyword searches from Google Analytics that brought people to my blog.

brain kelly - I'm thinking someone can't spell and was looking for Brian Kelly the actor? - I checked, there isn't a website, they got me instead. Reading my blog will give you brain moss, I'm sure.

can a cat have a health problem when they want to lay on the heater vents? - If this was true, then all my cats are sick. Cats get cold too, duh!

can cats have miracle whip- the answer is yes, but they have a problem with the jar, get the squeeze version.

cats ate eyes - I want to know what these people did to have eyes lying around.

every other life house shit - I'm figuring this was a direct link to my blog?
how can mice get into the blower area of a furnace - mice can get anywhere. Beware the hantavirus!!

how to shoplift at ross - It was easy, they did it for me. I tried to pay for it, they just bagged it!

how to stop cats walking over my car - stop parking under the cats!

is it ok to go tubing in the snow if you are pregnant? - yes, just don't hit a tree!

my cosmo girls + bondage - more perverts making random visits.

pick up artist unemployed - Was this an inquiry for a personal ad?

pickup artist for kids - Same as above, but for pedophiles?

picture of cats real brain - They got my blog, because cats don't have real brains!

shit graphic - I write graphic shit, I don't post photos of it!!

shit on a stick and call it my life - Should I post a Suicide Hotline number?

smelling womens underwear - more perverts came to call

walking round in my undies - Don't we all do this?

when this shit get in my brain - I hope I helped this person, they visited eleven times!

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  1. Those are some great keyword searches Chris. You're clearly the authority on both shit and mice and cats, and they're really all kind of the same thing in the circle of life.