Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Bar Scene

I'm sitting at my temp job, gazing out the window at the bar across the street. The name of the bar is the Spot Tavern. And since this is the bar my hubby and I had our first date at, it brings to mind that special "spot" I have that makes me all tingly. Not that "spot", my funny bone!

So I started to think about some of the other bars in the area and their names:

Pounders: It's not but wouldn't that make a good name for a gay bar?

Back Door Pub: Again, wouldn't that be good for a gay bar?

Yardarm Pub: It's just got to be a pirate bar. I'm going to find my eye patch and peg leg and head over. ARGH!

Doofer Bar: Hey, even idiots need a place to drink.

Stumbling Monk: I have visions of tonsured men in robes.

Pied Piper: A bunch of rats, drinking beer, playing poker and smoking.

Whammy Bar: A sleezy version of the Hard Rock Cafe.

Locker Room Tavern: Guys in boxers snapping towels at each other.

Flotation Device Pub: Since we've had so much flooding recently, this bar is for hardcores who don't want to stop drinking even though the river is swirling around their knees.

Shotze Rack and Roll: Sitting amidst the deer heads on the walls, these mighty hunters roll their own, while discussing how big their decks are.


  1. All we have in Hong Kong are titles like La Dolce Vita '97, Carnegie's and Club Bed.

    Nothing as interesting as the ones you've listed here.

    I'd like to go to Stumbling Monk.


  2. OMG! You cracked me up especiallyh with the first two!