Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Countdown Post

Since it's expected I will do a short recrap, er, recap of the year.

Started great, I turned 50, had a fab party, got very drunk and still kept my friends.

Took 6 teens to Seaside Oregon for the weekend and managed to bring them all back. Great girls only time.

Spent countless hours on the internet trying to find the deals of the century so the wedding of the century would not bankrupt us.

Succeeded in pulling off the afore mentioned wedding and am only slightly bankrupt, so had to find a job.

Found the perfect job with Girl Scouts. Got paid for having fun. Unfortunately it was only temporary.

Last kid turned into a teenager. Middle kid got license, turned 18, voted in his first election and came out. Oldest kid got married.

Hubby turned 50 and made it thru the year with only a broken finger this year (knock on wood, we have a few hours left).

Got smacked in the economic stomach, like everyone else, but we are doing fine although still slightly bankrupt from the wedding.

Had a white Christmas and lived to tell about.

Did not loose, kill, maim or adopt any more cats.


  1. Sounds like it was a successful year! Guess you should be proud..?!

  2. I think I asked this before, but when you say "came out", do you mean "of the closet"? Because I've been looking for a Gay Husband FOREVER. Can I have your kid?

    Here's hoping 2009 is FANTASTIC for you and your strong-willed hair.

  3. Sounds like an amazing year!

    Good idea about not adopting more cats, they are evil.