Friday, September 26, 2008

Wake up Call

When Nikki was little, she used to come bursting into our bedroom, shouting, "The dark is over, the dark is over!" And thus her day had begun. This did not seem to matter if it was the middle of summer and the dark was over way too early and we considered this to still be night time. So one of us would peek out of the sheets and drag down to start the coffee so we could face the day. Nicole is 13 now and on non school morning, is not up dancing around at 5 am.

This does not mean that we get to sleep in tho. When you live with 3 cats at least one or all of them are going to let you know that they want to go out. NOW! Cleo likes to scratch. She has torn up the woodwork around our door and the carpet just in front of the door is now gone. Lovely Cat. Fig and Charlie just like to meow, meow, yowl, meow, ram the door, make your life hell, until you get up. This morning I threw, I mean, let the cats out at 6am and went back to bed thinking, yes, they can't bug me now. Somehow they got back into the house and instead of bugging the rotten kid that let them in, they all assemble outside my door and forget my sleeping in. Coffee first, then feed the cats.

We had an incident recently where we weren't paying proper attention to the cats and it was scary. Rob and I were still nursing our first cups of joe, the cats were fed but were starting to whine about going out. We were like, yeah, yeah, yeah, just give me time to wake up. Then we heard this sound - tinkle, tinkle, tinkle. WTF, and there is Figaro in the living standing among the stuff I had left off the book shelves in an attempt to declutter. Fig steps away and there is my beautiful Partylite votive holder filled to the rim with cat pee. Not a drop on the floor. Good Kitty/Bad Kitty. So now when the cats want out, I can't agree more.

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