Sunday, September 21, 2008

Us Against Them

The cats won again, at least some of them did. I needed to take the cats to the vet for shots this month. I try to do it in 2 trips as I only have 2 carriers and we have 3 cats. I was able to grab Charlie unawares last weekend, wrap him in a towel and slide him (okay, push him) into the carrier. Yeah!! One captured and off we went to the vet for shots. Charlie was pretty pissed off at me and ran the other way the rest of the day. By Sunday he was my friend again and was cuddling with me.

Tuesday I check my phone messages and it's the vet. They FORGOT to give Charlie one of his shots. This kind of pissed me off, okay, really pissed me off, because I now have to bring him in again on Saturday with the other 2 for shots. I'm thinking Charlie will never come near me again.

Come Saturday, while I am showering and dressing, Rob and Nicole decided to get the cats into the carriers (we borrowed a carrier so we were good to go). They got Figaro in and he started yowling. This triggered a response in Cleo and Charlie. They headed for the hills. In this case, the upstairs bedrooms. Now this is not normally a problem as you can use a broom to flush a cat out from under a bed but these are smart kitties. They head into Nicole's attic bedroom with super cool cubbyholes and deep pocket recesses. On one side of her room are 2 small doors into a finished crawl space we use for storage. On the other side is a door to the rafters over the family room - beams and insulation. Rob was going to put a latch on this door as there is a draft that causes it to open a crack. It must have been drafty as the door was a jar and after much searching this is where Charlie and Cleo lay hiding. Rob is half into the opening with his flashlight when the light catches and he sees their glowing eyes. They are not budging. So off we go with Fig to the vet and he is making that horrible yowlly noise that makes you wonder if your cat is possessed. He took his shots and he is done for a year.

Back home, cats are still in the crawl space. Charlie comes out shortly after 1pm when I'm sure he knows that the vet is now closed. Cleo is not leaving though. She stays hidden away until 5pm. As she slinks down stairs, Nicole runs up and blockades the crawlspace. Cleo sees Rob and takes off to avoid him. Her stomach eventually tells her to forgive and forget so she is back at her usual place at the food bowl.

My vet says to lock the cats into a bathroom and them get in there with them and the carriers and we should be able to get them in. I'm thinking the bathroom is a great place to be, as that is where the first aid kit is and I'm going to need it. I'll probably have to redecorate the bathroom after that as I'm sure that the wall paper will be in shreds and I doubt the blood stains will come out.

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