Sunday, September 21, 2008


Do you think about dust? I do. I hate it and the chore that goes along with it. Face it, I hate anything that has to do with cleaning. That's why I run around my house without my glasses on. I can't see the dirt that way. But dust is there. Everywhere. You can see it in the air when the light shines through your window. It's there floating. That's another reason I don't clean the windows. I don't want to see the dust that I am inhaling. Ignorance is bliss, eh? But there comes a time in each decade that I must DUST. I recently cleaned off the living book shelves and decluttered. There was quite a collection of dust there. The upper shelves and the top were the worst as I'm short so what I can't see may never get cleaned. But I worked hard, starting at the top, hoping that the dust would float down to the floor or stay on the cloth and not be ingested by me. I reloaded the shelves up with fewer items and breathed (ok, wheezed) a sigh of relief. Two days later, I noticed a layer of dust. Off came my glasses.

Last Friday we got a new bed. This meant strangers would be in our bedroom and see our mess. Rob was especially concerned about this and said this would be a good opportunity to declutter the bedroom. So each night, before bed, I would sort things, recycle, collect garbage, etc. I dug under the bed so no one would see my pulp fiction and old tissues that find their way under. I cleaned off my night stand and the top of Rob's dresser. Then I got to the huge enormous 9 drawer dresser with giant mirror that I call my own. It's been my catch all for 12 years and there were tags and cards, and books and pins, etc, etc, etc. It was deep with odds and ends but I got it cleaned up and wiped down the top and it looked good. Except where the TV sits. Well, I was tired and I went to bed and promptly forgot about the TV. Until today. I was looking at it and noticed that it seemed white under the blackness of the TV. So I moved it. Dust....thick dust. I decided to move the TV completely away from where it has sat for 12 years. Do you know that when dust gets thick enough, you can fold it? It was like dryer lint under that TV. So I folded up that dust and now my dresser is dust free. Well that part is, as the other side has been over 2 days and it's starting again. I'm going to just stop wearing my glasses altogether.

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