Friday, September 26, 2008

Food Fight: Mayo or Miracle Whip

I bought a jar of mayo the other day and Rob says "how come? the jar is almost full" I took it out of the fridge and showed him that is was nearly empty. He grabbed the other jar in there and said, "oh, I used Miracle Whip on my burger. That's why I thought it was full." I was aghast! "you put Miracle Whip on your burger, ick!" He said, "same difference." He shrugged, he was like "whatever".

There are huge differences and I use both but for different things and believe you me, if I used them indiscriminately like he does, it would not be pretty. Of course, growing up, I too thought Miracle Whip was Mayo. We didn't have mayo at our house. It wasn't until I moved out that I discovered the delights of turkey and mayo, burgers with mayo, pesto mayo.

Miracle Whip is technically a salad dressing and that's what I use it for primarily. Potato salad with hard boiled eggs and green onions - don't forget a squirt of yellow mustard. Macaroni salad with pickles and a shot of ketchup. And tuna fish. I can't eat a tuna fish sandwich or tuna salad (canned tuna of course) without that tangy zip of Miracle Whip. But the rest of my sandwiches, mayo all the way and a burger without mayo ain't cutting it with me. No, I don't use mayo with PB&J, get real here!

Nicole likes mayo as I do but Aaron is Miracle Whipped.

Ok, ok, I know that both are on the poster for foods to avoid, but it's a condiment and I'm not sucking it down like it's chocolate pudding.

My friend Mary just loves Mayo... I can hear her retching now.

In the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman", when Richard Gere gets called "mayonnaise" by the drill sergeant, I'm moved to get a sandwich.

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