Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Swim Team Star

Nikki is on Swim Team. She loves to swim, enjoys competing and doesn't seem to care that she's not going to make the Olympic team, ever. So now is the start of swim team season, which runs until March. She still swims in the off season and competes but it's more for fun.

We started off with Fall Festival yesterday. Drove 2 hours to see her compete in 3 races. We were gone 8 hours. She spent most of her time playing DS with her friend. There were lots of teams at this event so that's why it was so long. Looking in the stands, there are the parents with notebooks in hand, charting their kid's times, checking against the standards, already playing the trip to regionals. We are not quite as rabid as that. We always say words of congrats or encouragement but mostly we check that she is having fun. This is a rec team and I thought that they were suppose to have fun. Just one word to parents: Don't make your kid feel bad in front of their peers. Nik is pragmatic, if she does well, she's cool, gives herself a pat on the back. If she doesn't make at least her best time, she says, "I'll need to work at that."

Would we like our daughter to be a star? The best at everything? Or anything? Nicole is a star to us. She's a great team player, she sets a great example, she's a nice person who believes in fair play and she always tries her best.

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