Monday, September 22, 2008

Cute Critters are the Next Flattened Fauna

How do those little critters make it in this big bad world? On any given day, I see the flattened bodies of the local fauna everywhere. Just today I saw a raccoon, 2 squirrels, a deer and a think it was a dog. One morning as I was heading down off my hill, I came across 5 dead opossums, all in the middle of the road. Did the front one say to the others, "Hey, I know the way, follow me!"? Just as I was leaving to go to work tonight, there were 2 raccoon (alive this time) on my front porch. And one evening this summer, there were 6 raccoons under the back deck. How do we know it was 6 of them. Because Robert thought it would be smart to lay on the deck, hang over the edge and look under with a flashlight. I've had raccoons charge at me, so I didn't think this way the best move, but, hey, Rob still has his face so no harm done.

Tonight as I was coming home from Renton, I suddenly see a cute little bunny run in front of my car. I dared not slam on the bracks as there was cars behind me and I couldn't swerve as there was a car next to me. The last I saw of the cute bunny was his right eye as he disappeared under my car. Then wham - bam. I didn't stop but the rest of the way home, I was sure I could smell cooking flesh. I made Rob look under the car to see if there were any bunny parts but he didn't see anything. I figure if there is anything, a opossum or raccoon will be feasting in my driveway tonight.

I feel awful about the cute little bunny. I didn't feel too bad the time I nailed an opossum. They look like giant rats anyway.

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