Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ear Wax

Did you know that ear wax builds up in the ear causing the listener to hear things that are different that what is actually being said to them. I think my kids suffer from ear wax build up. This prevents them from understanding what you say. Of course I could be wrong and they just don't listen to me. I am positive that it must me an ear wax problem because no matter what I say to them, they all hear things differently. Aaron always hears me say, "Yes, I will buy you everything you want and always have money for you." Brianne always hears you say the time for something but for her it's in BLT - Brianne Losing Time and so she tends to be late. Although for her wedding, she was spot on and was very firm about starting the ceremony on time, which it pretty much did. And now Nicole is having similar problems. I asked her today if she had her pass to the water park and she said yes. I asked her if she needed anything at all, she said no. So I picked her up at her friend's house, drove to the park and as she is getting ready to get out, she asks me for her pass. I said, "you told me you had it". Her, "no, you asked if I needed it. And I said yes." But if that was true, why hadn't she told me where it was? So back home we went and then again to the park. Ear wax.

Do I indulge my kids? Sometimes. It's hard not to. They are my heart.

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