Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eye on Silver

Tonight I took my Girl Scout troop to the Silver Award Workshop. The Silver Award is a very involved project taking months of preparations just to get to the point you can do some worthy project for your community. You would have thought I'd dragged these girls to watch a politcal debate. We were by far the largest group there, our 8 girls and 2 adults being half the total there. And they did me proud. When asked what they knew about the Silver Award and why they were there, they all replied, "We know nothing, and our leaders made us come." So we learned about the steps we need to take, how long it might take us and some ideas and way to make our project good for our community.

So my thoughts on this:

Could our girls do a Silver Award Project? Yes. Will they? I'm not taking bets on it.
Do my girls understand more about the SA? HA! At least they have their handouts.
Will my girls come up with ideas on their own about projects? Huh? What's a project?
Out of 9 girls, how many can now identify the IP book and tell me what an IP is? Repeat the question?

So what are Jackie's and my goals for the troop? To supply them with opportunities to do great things, to have a place for fun and be safe.

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