Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Snowing Again, the Snow Gods have Won

Ok, enough already. I live on the wet side of the mountains for a reason. If I want snow, I go to it. During winter, I expect rain. Not freezing rain, just good old wet rain. It's what keeps everything so green here. We have more snow than I have seen since moving to me town 18 years ago. It's everywhere. I don't like to go out it and I worry when those I love go out in it. Rob is a cop and has to work, they don't close down crime just for the weather. He took the van today. He said, "Won't you need it?" Like I was going to get in the van and cruise around looking at all the pretty snow. I can see plenty of it from my own windows in the house, thank you very much.
For the last few years, the weatherpeople have been saying that "this is the winter we have been dreading, it's going to be the worst winter in history". The El Nino, or El Nina or the Pinta or the Santa Maria phenomenon or some such bull shit. So is this it? I bow down to the weather gods. So now can it stop? I get it, snow gods have scored a hit, I am but a humble servant who now knows my place.
Look at the icicles on my poor roses. (yes, I didn't dead head them, I left them for the birds so my cats could catch them more easily)


  1. What in blue blazes is going on over there?! You guys have more snow than we do, by the looks of it...uff da. I feel your pain!! It was/is so icy today that when I tried backing the car out of the garage, instead of being perpendicular to the garage I was suddenly sliding parallel to it-sideways in the drive! I didn't go anywhere today...Happy Solstice anyway!

  2. I'm starting to feel like I'm Nanook of the North. Cats are really annoyed by this. One pissed on my Santa hat and someone took a dump on Nik's floor. They don't want to get their bottoms icy. I'm not very happy with them.

    Please let it warm up and rain!!

    I can't believe how much snow we have. It's the ice that forms that I worry about most. Don't be driving girl! I'm too far away to worry about you too. Cathy hasn't left home for days. We might have to bring her food soon.

  3. Bet you regret getting rid of the cat box, huh?! How deep is it? The snow, I mean...Can't Cathy order food delivered?! Doh! Glad y'all still have electricity...Rune drove me around after work, so now there will be turkey for Jul! Yea! Stay warm!

  4. I am so sorry about all the unwanted snow. You have my full permission to send it my way, I'll take it all. Hope you can dig out soon!