Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Letter to Santa

Deer santa, This is frm the cats. we need stuff. ar pets dont feed us enuf. we has to wait fur em too oppen cans. bring us thums or hands. we ar sure that As Seen On TV must haf hands fur cats. they haf good things. we too lik the knifes in the man. we think this is funny. must haf been made by a cat.
we need mouses. if yu put em in ar stocking then we dont need to go out in the cold to git em.
we has been so good that yu can give us mor cat nip. it is good fur us and we will be so happy.
frm the cats


  1. Hey, Chris? Your, well - they figured out how to type, and they hijacked your blog, and...well...I'm guessing smothering you with a pillow in your sleep is next, so WATCH OUT!

  2. LOL! I always knew cats were evil- THIS JUST PROVES IT!!
    Regarding the photo: Those hands were not attached to a person at some point, right?

  3. Ha! I got my mom's cats a video that shows fishes and mice and all kinds of other little creatures to keep them occupied while she's working. You can't leave out the fur babies at Christmas. Obviously.