Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy B-Day Barbie and Tats to you!

Today is Barbie's 50th birthday. She looks pretty good for an old broad. Those breasts are still as perky as even. And since she never had kids, she still has that impossible to believe waistline. And her legs go on forever. No fallen arches, she can still strut her stuff in mile high heels!

Now to celebrate her big 50 she now has tattoos. She comes with 40 mini tattoos that can be placed anywhere on her luscious bod. And what could be better? There is also a tattoo gun that applies removable tats to your budding little crack ho-lettes. Move over Bratz, those cute little prostitots, here comes Barbie with a butterfly on her ass! There are those wondering what is next? Totally Pierced Barbie? I think we did that as kids, as I remember sticking pins in my dolls but I think we were going more for voodoo dolls and not a fashion statement.

Mattel said the new tattooed Barbie, priced online at around $20 and up, was selling better than expected.


  1. Girl you always post things that are in my head! I couldn't believe this when I heard the Bob Rivers Show (KZOK) that this was coming. Isn't that special! What the heck!!!

  2. But hasn't Barbie always had a "Matell Co." tatoo permanently on her ass? And how come no one ever mentions that she's ALWAYS had a Brazilian wax all these years too!
    Happy Birthday Barbie....

  3. Yay! Is Ken getting tats too? Will there be an Ink-Me-Up playset complete with chair and greasy biker artist?

  4. She must be going through a midlife crisis. She looks so young for her age!

  5. Hey girl just checking in on you! Haven't seen you around ;). Hope all is well!