Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Mom, Bad Mom

Good Mom: I let my daughter rent a movie on PPV last night with her friends.

Bad Mom: I didn't check the rating on the movie before hand.

Good Mom: When told it was a scary movie, I asked if they could handle it.

Bad Mom: I didn't check with other parents if this was an acceptable movie.

Good Mom: I let them stay up as long as they wanted.

Bad Mom: I let them stay up as long as they wanted.

Good Mom: I let 13 yr old daughter crawl into bed with me and hubs at 5am.

Bad Mom: I made her sleep in the middle just under the comforter.

Good Mom: I didn't tell her friends she got scared and crawled into bed with us.

Bad Mom: I made them all get up before 10am to eat Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Good Mom: I make chocolate chip pancakes.

More Good than Bad. I think good out weighs the bad, so I'm not going to hell.


  1. You are good even when you are bad! And you are better at your worst! (evil laugh...)

  2. Far from it mom, you rock! I so agree with Debra! LOL Hey us blonde stick together :)

    I'm so keeping my bad mom thoughts to myself right now. Mentally slapping my hand ;)

  3. I'm just stopping by to make sure the pointed tail people didn't hail you off for being bad ... LOL

    Just playing :)