Friday, February 27, 2009

Can you get detention for cursing the Principal's wife?

I made costumes for my daughter's school play, 3 of 6 bird girl dresses for Suessical the Musical. I had a week to do this and I got it done. It was an awful pattern, awful fabric, missing instructions but I got it done. Someone else was doing the other 3 costumes.

So this other someone doing bird girl outfits (who just happens to be the Principal's wife), gets her supplies the same day as me. It's now been 2 weeks since she got them. The drama teacher is upset as he wanted them a week ago. It's now almost the weekend and she is going away. So she calls me and asks me if I can finish what she started. Of course, I say, because I'm a team player and the show must go on. She drops by and gives me what she has. She has cut the fabric out. And sewn a few darts. That's it, almost 2 weeks and she did something that I got done in about 20 minutes. And she also put a huge scorch mark on the back of one. It also turns out she cut one out too small and she hopes I can fix it, maybe put some panels in or something. Oh yeah, and can I get this done by Monday?

So I spent many hours sewing today. I went back to the fabric store to get more fabric for the ruined outfit. Today is also the first day of 2 weeks of Girl Scout cookie sales. So when I'm not at the grocery store with Girl Scouts peddling cookies, I will be cursing this woman who bailed on the costumes.


  1. My sister to the rescue-again! What a pain in the you juggle all these things I'll never know...I guess sometimes being nice is a blessing AND a curse-as you said, "the show must go on"!

  2. ps
    I think she ought to get detention for not doing her "homework"!!!

  3. I think she should be embarrassed for dumping this on you!

  4. what a dumb bi-otch she better be getting you a nice thank you gift

  5. I so enjoy your comments on my blog and I love your blog! You are such a hoot. ;-) Come by my blog today. I have a party going on. Ha,ha!

  6. That is incredibly unfair- though I am sure everyone appreciates you stepping up!
    I can't sew to save my life!