Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Psst...I need a fix

I went to the crack yarn store today. Yarn is like crack cocaine to me. I see it, I gotta have it, I need it, my palms get sweaty, I want my next fix. I'm addicted to it. I'm a junkie. Unfortunately I can't afford what I like most of the time and so I don't get to feed my habit enough. I'm trying something new. I don't buy unless I have a project actually in mind and not just because I want it. I was good today and didn't buy any but I've got a jones for it and I'll be back. I love the textures and the content. Wool and soybean. Silk and bamboo. Cashmere. I love the fun accent yarns. I feel kinda sick that I didn't come home with a baggie full.

Here is a picture of my purse that I made. Not everyone's style but I like it.

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