Monday, February 9, 2009

Started out as a Tribute to Valentines Day, became more of a Tirade about Bicycling

Valentines Day is coming up. My husband and I will be home alone all weekend. Nicole is going on a Girl Scout retreat and Aaron will be in Texas visiting his father. Sounds like a recipe for romance? Maybe...

First off, Rob will spend the whole weekend biking. He will drive 40 miles to bike 60. Seems confusing but he rides with a bike club so this is a social thing. Why don't I ride with him? HA! Rob has specialized bikes. Road bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes. He has loads of gear. Special shoes, spandex galore, helmet covers, a rear view mirror that attaches to his glasses. He spends hours on the bike, hours on the internet looking at bikes and gear. Hours cleaning and tuning his bikes. He has more bikes than anyone else I know. What do I have? A helmet, my old stretch pants so my pant leg won't get caught in the chain, a really cool bell and the best comfort bike on the planet. The saddle is the size of a tractor seat and the coolest thing on my bike is that I can stop and put my feet on the ground for balance without falling over. I love my bike. Rob put a computer on it so I can see how slow fast I am going and how few many miles I have put on. So maybe if it's nice (because I don't bike when it's pissing down rain like some people) we will cruise around the neighborhood. Rob will do this little ride with me because he is nice, even tho I know he is itching for the wind in his face and to feel the burn of climbing steep hills.

Oh yeah, Valentines Day, we will probably cook dinner ourselves and Rob will chose to make something that is very complicated and very spicy that will cause him to perfume the air under the covers all night long. Ain't love grand?

Rob's Favorite Road Bike

My Cute Comfort Bike

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  1. Maybe he'll get you a tandem for Valentine's Day-now THAT'S romantic!