Thursday, February 19, 2009

Biggest Love

Damn HBO. I have really been thinking about cutting down on my cable package as there is never anything on most of the bizillion channels anyway but I'm too wrapped up in Big Love.

This week they added a 4th wife and instead of adding value to their lives, its just a big competition and wife backstabbing. I love it. I think we should have some extra wives around my house. We could have the cleaning wife, the cooking wife, the laundry wife, and then me. I could do the stuff I liked, like gardening and sewing and other creative things. I might not be down with the whole sharing the sex thing though.

Anyway, Bill, the husband, has all these woman who are all vying for his attention, all these kids, 3 mortgages, a failing business and in-laws from hell. All in the name of religion. I think instead of adding more wives, they need to add more husbands. Bill won't be having to take Viagra so he can be the sex machine they all expect. He'll have someone to help take kids to the Daddy/Kid events. He can have a friend to hang out with at the golf course. Maybe a little love interest between the guys too!

I'm going to email my story idea to HBO.


  1. hey spoiler alert please some of us dont get hbo and have to wait til its out on dvd to see it

  2. No worries, I won't tell you how to write your blog. ;-)

    Anyways, this sounds like a good show. I don't get HBO because it never seemed like it is worth the money, but this show sounds good. I say send your idea in! LOL!

  3. P.S. sorry for being a little snarky. I don't like it when people come across as rude to my blogger friends. Maybe I am being a little sensitive........


  4. Debra, so you know brianne and I are related to Chris-as in CLOSE relatives! So it's not necessarily rudeness as it's more family dynamics! btw...we get that show here, I just haven't seen it...too much other crap to watch I guess!

  5. if we're snarky it means we like you. i can whine, i'm the whiny daughter. mom knows how much i pine for big love.

  6. LOL! And to think I was trying to come to your rescue! Sorry Brianne ~ it totally changes the dynamics since you are the daughter! I thought you were just a random person.......... totally makes sense now! Okay Chris, I will rescue you another day ;-)

  7. I never got into that show, it really creeped me out!
    We just cxld our cable a couple of weeks ago, hey, 60 bucks is 60 bucks and it will make me get off my fat ass and do something.