Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saving your Thoughts

Do you ever have blog moments? You know when something happens or you have a random thought or idea that would make an awesome blog but you are driving or leading a meeting and it's just not the time to make a note to yourself so you can blog later. At a meeting, you can prehaps write a note to self as long as it's not onthe flip chart you are using and then causes some confusion when you write "penal implants" on the board when you are talking about leading a Girl Scout troop. And when you are driving, it's even harder, as texting while driving is considered illegal in Washington State and even if you turn to the cruise control and use your knees to steer, it can be distracting. I have lost my train of thought too often so I'm going to get one of those "As Seen on TV" My Lil' Reminder recording devices. I could attach it to the dashboard, it's only got one button to push to record and all my great thoughts would never be lost again.

Of course this wouldn't work at meetings, as you still wouldn't want to blurt out "penal implants" in front of a group, unless you explained before hand about your tourettes issue.

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