Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Cats in the Bag (ok, it was a box)

Last night Rob and I started Operation Cat Nab. We synchronized our watches (ok, my watch, his PDA). Made our check list

1) Cat Carriers at the ready.
2) All upstairs doors secured.
3) First Aid Kit handy.
4) Tranquilizer gun ready.

This morning we played it very nonchalantly. No mention of a trip to the vet. Nothing we said should have given them a clue. We just said stuff like, "We are going to stay home all day" "Not going out at all"

But they knew, they always know. Rob was up early. He checked the weather. Yes, RAIN!! He feeds the cat and lets them out. Fig doesn't mind the rain, but Cleo and Charlie are fair weather cats. It's not long before Cleo and Charlie are wanting back in. The time is drawing nearer and we are still playing it cool. I'm reading the paper and Charlie comes over and says, "hey! I want to go out, NOW!" I said, "oh my little man, I think you should stay out of the rain." Charlie says, "Bitch, I know what is up and you can't make me, I can remove body parts with these claws." He then starts pacing in front of the back door, giving me the evil eye. Cleo of course, is looking worried (she always looks worried). She heads upstairs and stands by Nik's door (which is secure), she frantically looks around for an escape hatch. While I'm getting dressed, Rob snags Charlie, just about gets him into the box, when he escapes. Aaron helps and Charlie is ready to go. Rob chases Cleo down and although she tries to get by, it's Cats 0, Humans 2!

All the way to the vet, it's the cat chorus and Cleo is the lead singer. That cat can wail! But all is well in Cat World. All cats vaccinated until next year.

No Cats were harmed in the making of this post.

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