Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spooky Times Ahead

I really like Halloween. I have many boxes of decorations. I don't like happy halloween stuff. I don't have inflatables or smiling ghosts or witches. I have a graveyard and cob webs. A cauldron full of bones, strob and black lights.

So I'm putting up the Halloween decorations today and realize that I'm missing a box of bones! Somewhere in that bike shop we call a garage are my special all weather body parts. I placed the grave stones out but I really need those bones to add that special something. I have 2 other boxes of bones but they are the special life like bones that under no circumstances will I allow them to get rained on. So tomorrow I will be back in the garage searching for those bones.

We will add a few carved pumkins, a small dead body and some scary noises and music. I will put on my nun habit (what's halloween without catholic guilt?) and hand out treats to those brave enough to come to the door.

What a great holiday!


  1. My favorite part of your post is "a small dead body" because, c''s not something you read every day!


  2. Doesn't everyone have a small dead body to put out at halloween? Isn't that why they invented freezers?

  3. You are the only woman I know that can't find her boner... I mean bones.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

  4. I'm just laughing reading this post and thinking how funny it would be if there were no mention whatsoever of Halloween in it. I mean, scattering bones, putting on your nun habbit? How awesome would that be if that routine was just a typical,everday Saturday evening?