Friday, July 25, 2008

Wedding Bells are Coming

Time has slipped away since my b-day. Brianne and I have been working hard at putting together what will be the wedding of the century, or at least that is how long it will take for Rob and me to pay it off.

This event is on August 17th so we have very little time left and are now trying to pull all the loose ends together. I am not going to go into the cost, except to say that a small country could run for a year on what it is costing. It will be wonderful though. Brianne has fantastic taste and has gathered together people who she feels confident will bring her dream together. Many of my friends are there to help. One Girl Scout leader is officiating. Another with her troop is being our setting, serving and cleanup crew. Another is working on finding us a reasonably priced bartender. I'm so blessed with such friends. The responses are pouring in and we are in for a big crowd. It really doesn't matter what the cost is, as it will be so great to share our joy with so many people.

Tomorrow, I will be sewing up a storm, creating beautiful bridesmaid's dresses. So much to do and so little time left!

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