Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mean Girls

Why is it so easy to believe the worst about people? I try not to assume that everything I hear is the truth. Most of the time it is just part of the truth, an edited edition of the truth, or an elaborated version. So often someone tells me what someone else said only to find that its more of what the listener thought they meant not necessarily what they said. If someone says they take an antidepressant, it doesn't mean that they are dysfunctional, suicidal or crazy. It seems to me that this person is doing the right thing by taking care of themselves. Whereas how many times have you heard, "they should be on drugs" when some one is not functioning okay.

My daughter takes antidepressants and I am proud of her for taking control of her life. She is herself only better because she wasn't afraid to find a solution to add quality to her life.

I try not to hate people. I dislike a few but mostly I figure that everyone I know has something good going for them. We all have our quirks and I'm sure that mine are subject to discussion on more occasions than I like to think about. My friends have major quirks but that's what makes them unique and why I like being with them.

I'm very fortunate to have friends, good friends. I'm not sure I deserve them as I'm not always the best person I could be. I speak without thinking and can be critical instead of understanding. I also try to pat things down and smooth things over so everyone will get along. I turn the other cheek so often that I get kicked in the ass.

We need to trust others. We need to look for the good and expect it. We need to think before we act or speak and consider what could happen when we do.

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  1. you deserve not only the friends you have, but even better ones. you are a wise ass, but damn you are caring and helpful and kind. I do not deserve you as a friend!