Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three in a Bed

There are 3 in my bed. Me, Robert and his Arm. Technically that really isn't 3 but the Arm in the cast seems to take up a good 3rd of the bed. It has the place of honor in the middle between us. Its like when the kids were little and they'd climb in because they were scared, sick, etc. One little tiny kid could take up 80% of the bed space. Rob's Arm is not quite that bad but its there and we both know it's there and we can't get rid of it. Arm has his own pillow, some times it has 2 pillows. Nice soft fluffy pillows. As I cling to the edge of my side of the bed, I hope that I can find a comfortable position that won't impose on Arm. Arm seems to toss and turn a bit. This has been keeping both me and Rob from getting a good nights sleep. I think Arm is doing fine, it does have the most comfortable place in the bed. Last night Rob had a nightmare and started yelling in his sleep about severed heads. Arm woke up too and started thrashing around. I think Arm thought he was having a dream about severed arms and this upset him. Needless to say it was a long time before the 3 of us got back to sleep. It was suggested that I trade places with Rob and Arm and sleep on the right side of the bed. This would put Arm on the outside of the bed away from me. But I need to sleep by the open window to keep cool. I think Arm wouldn't like the cool air and try to get back into the middle of the bed. This would cause Rob to move closer to me, thus making me too hot and I would get no sleep. And since I'm the designated driver I need to get as much sleep as I can! So Arm is there in the middle, big and blue, and coming between me and my man.

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