Sunday, November 11, 2007

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Tomorrow is my 13th wedding anniversary. This is a milestone as my first marriage lasted thru the 12th anniversary. There was a 13th but we spent it waiting for the divorce to be final so it doesn't count. These last 13 have been great. I can't believe how fortunate I was to find Rob. Everyday I consider myself lucky in my life. I'm not as nice a person as my husband and I'm always wondering what he sees in me that makes him happy.

Our big day tomorrow has the kids off from school and Rob and I out to see the surgeon for a followup on his arm. Rob has not been feeling up to par - not that anyone can blame him - and so we are not going out to dinner to celebrate. But for me it will be a celebration just because he could have killed himself in that fall and I'm glad still have him. Wednesday is his birthday, so it won't be too much a rocking good time this year either. And to top it off, I'm mentoring a new Girl Scout troop and will be attending their first meeting that night. What was I thinking? Rob won't mind but I'll have to make sure I'm extra nice during the day and at dinner.

My in-laws are having their 50th anniversary this year and they want very little celebrating. I figure you have to mark the occasion somewhat grandly as in this day, its hard to find those couples still together after that long. Mom's health has been poor lately and we hope she is feeling better and up to par for the Dec 30th party.

My 50th is coming up in January and I expect a party. But I don't want to plan it. I'm afraid if I don't plan it though it won't happen. I just want food, drink, and friends. I'm not scared of turning 50. Its just a number and anyway, somedays I feel 50, some 25 and others like death warmed over.

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