Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is Crisis the new High?

I know a couple of people who seem to thrive on crisis. I think they get joy out of having turmoil in their lives. They also seem to get some kind of pleasure out of the suffering of others. They are very quick to jump on some one's bandwagon and make judgments from what they hear from others without ever considering there maybe another side of the story or that the story they heard was perhaps enhanced to make the teller feel better about their actions? Even when they know the other person or persons involved, they might still accept what they were told at face value. Maybe it's just me, but just because someone says it's so, I don't always believe it. I tend to think that the person spreading the story has some agenda because why talk about unpleasant situations with those who didn't need to know about it in the first place?

I'm not perfect, far from it. But I like to think that people are basically good and as adults, we should be able to find solutions to problems without alienating each other. I tend to turn the other cheek alot and let things slide when I can't make things better. I was told recently that I'm always trying to pat things down and find a way to make everyone happy. I got the feeling they felt this trait was a bad thing.

Maybe I'm just a fucking Pollyanna and that's why I keep turning the other cheek until I get kicked in the ass. Should I go around expecting the worse to happen, expect the worst from people, look for a disaster around every corner? I'm just clueless I guess. I've either got my head in the clouds or up my ass.

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  1. Girl I think you're amazing! It's a good thing to turn the other cheek, if you react to everything you spend more time being angry then enjoying waht is right in front of you! I'm sure you pick your battles like I do but if it's something big you take charge. You're far from a wall flower that never reacts. I think people think that being bold and in your face is the way for respect. My thinking is it just makes you the butt of many jokes :).

    Ahhh Ren and Stimpy, how I miss that show ... Happy Happy Joy Joy ... LOL I'll have to rent that one and show the boys!

    105 in Auburn oh boy! The pour kitties, they may need a summer do that is short to keep them cool!

    Good to see you again!