Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Keyword Search Results

Google Analytics tells me what words were searched that brought people to my blog.
Since January 1st there have been 223 different keywords used to reach me.
Between April 2nd to April 15th, there were 97 searches about Farm Town so many people are obsessing as I was. But it is the random others that I find interesting. Here is a sampling:

50th b-day voodoo doll
chances of teens getting tapeworm from cat
cheese fetish
Chris wants only sex
I pissed txt
three girls who ate a tapeworm
what is the green stuff bleeding from a cat
what is my cat’s real name
why is my life is so shitty
god help me in business
graphic of shit
holding hands in public + lesbians
how to make a metal slide slick
I ate my mom’s shit
I turn my head to the left and I see double
if cocaine ate away your brain what would you feel like
Khols dead cat
life can be shitty
my cat ate:
A magnet
my cat only likes the left side of my head
my cosmo girls + bondage
my life is shit kids
my mom blows me pix
Norway capital of Sweden
to feel violated
nipple middle of chest

Now many of these are pretty obvious to me how they got to my blog but I truly don't remember blogging about having a nipple in the middle of my chest or even knowing anyone who has one. I even googled it but I didn't come up with my blog nor did google have a good picture of someone with a nipple middle of chest which I would have posted here for everyone.


  1. That is really quite amusing. Google Analytics, you say?

    Sorry I haven't been around lately, how have you been? In the summer, I promise I will read everything you've written in the past month, everything I have and will miss. Exams are approaching - yeek!


    P.S. Your writing is always so quirky and cool, probably built upon your fun family dynamics. I've given you an award, come accept it!

  2. That is cool! I have never heard of Google Analytics. I may need to check this out.

    btw.....How have you been?

  3. Cheese fetish and Chris only wants sex are apt if anyone knows you personally...I always thought that Rob had the third nipple???

  4. I look at mine every now and then and it totally cracks me. Your list is WAY BETTER than mine.