Saturday, August 2, 2008

This must be love

My husband had a colonoscopy yesterday. He had to drink this "drano" koolaid the night before to clean him out for the photo shoot. He was a bit nervous about having a camera up his butt...who wouldn't? He was so funny afterwards. He doesn't remember any of the time spent after they told him he would start feeling drowsy until coming home in the car. He doesn't remember the doctor telling him everyone looked good, getting dressed, asking me when we were going to talk to the doctor, getting into the car, and stopping for teriyaki. He said they told him he wouldn't remember much so he wasn't surprized. I was a little weirded out though as I gone with my sister last year for the same thing and she remembered everything.

The doctor said that between the CT scan and the colonoscopy, everything looked good and to come back in 10 years. Just make sure you eat lots of fiber (that's what they tell everyone anyway).

Nothing looked like cancer, so that's good too.

I love Rob so much and would hate to have anything happen to him.

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