Thursday, June 9, 2011

June is a Busy Month

I can't believe it's June already. So much is happening. I finally filled out my paperwork for the school district so they can officially hire me (meaning: start paying me). I've been volunteering in the drama dept as a costumer this school year and I must have done a great job since they now want to pay me. This means I'm accountable for all the costuming and no longer just the assistant. I'm hoping to find a kindred soul (aka a parent who sews) who can step in if I get overwhelmed. I did find a student who is willing to be my in school assistant. She is a great kid and lives, breathes drama. She was a little hesitant as she doesn't know what to do. I told her I was winging it also so we were prefect for it together. I've got my first meeting with my new boss on Saturday morning.

Last weekend Rob and I chaperoned about 60 choir kids to a trip to Idaho's Silverwood Amusement Park and Music in the Park Festival. Our kids didn't get the highest honors but they did have a good time. I had 2 groups of girls to keep an eye on. One group was well behaved and kept in touch with me all weekend. The others, well, I just hope nine months from now, we won't have any little reminders showing up. All their boyfriends are in choir also. I hated riding in a bus for 6 hours but otherwise it was a nice trip.

Tonight Nicole has her final choir performance for the year. Saturday I drop her off at a friend's grad party then I have my meeting. Right after that, I've been invited to a garden party at one of my Zumba buddy's house. She lives in a gated community. It will be nice to see how the other half lives. Saturday afternoon, I take Nicole to get her hair done as she's got a date to go to the Prom! Late night for us, waiting for her to get home. Sunday and Monday I will be sewing, sewing sewing. I've been taking in alterations from the Zumba ladies. It's bringing in some vacation money, woohoo! Tuesday night is the drama club banquet. Then there is more grad parties, banquets, end of year Girl Scout parties, dance recitals, etc.

On June 25th we leave on a much needed vacation to Southern California. We are throwing in a couple of college tours but really we just wanted to go to Disneyland with Nicole since she has never been. Lucky for us (her) our good friends will be in Anaheim the same time and Nicole will have a friend to go on rides with instead of her lame parents. And her lame parents can act goofy and go on rides without the eye rolling. Got some really good deals on hotels near Disneyland. I think the cost of admission is more than our hotel costs. I'm very excited to visit Disneyland again. Last time I was there I was pregnant and fat. It will be so much fun to not worry about fitting into the rides and being able to walk for hours without pain or fatigue. I'm liking being healthy.

I haven't had time to work on my jewelry designs much lately. I do have some things in the works and I'm thinking of applying to sell at the Mourning Market, a dark inspired craft show in Seattle in August. I'm not sure my Steampunk style fits their criteria but I'll see. I will need an outfit too. So much to do and so little time.

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